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Product of the Day: The Butterfly Circus Moon

Today’s product of the day is again from our RedBubble account. Our lovely girl in the moon from our Butterfly Circus Lenormand deck is the featured artwork on this selection of lovely products. Several different versions of our moon girl have been used to customize mugs, clocks, pillows, and apparel. Bethalynne, by special request, did a specialized version of the RedBubble tee shirt dress (pictured below) with our moon girl placed so she can sit atop a baby bump. ;)
The Attic Shoppe Trading Companys Product of the Day featuring the Butterfly Circus Lenormand Moon at RedBubble

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Life on the Moon


Did you know there is life on the moon? Or at least, did you know that there was once an article that led trusting folk to believe there was life on the moon? The Museum of Hoaxes has an interesting article on The Great Moon Hoax. “The article started by triumphantly listing a series of stunning astronomical breakthroughs the famous British astronomer, Sir John Herschel, had made ‘by means of a telescope of vast dimensions and an entirely new principle.’ Herschel, the article declared, had established a ‘new theory of cometary phenomena’; he had discovered planets in other solar systems; and he had ‘solved or corrected nearly every leading problem of mathematical astronomy.’ Then, almost as if it were an afterthought, the article revealed Herschel’s final, stunning achievement. He had discovered life on the moon.” I still would have liked to see the biped beaver.