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Spring is Here?

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m told it is supposed to be spring but having cold temps with snow yesterday suggested otherwise. And today? Today is proving that southern Ohio weather is just as wonky as the lake-shore Michigan weather I grew up with. We’re approaching the 70s and it’s been storming all day, with newly posted tornado watches. Fun! With area flooding. Double fun! Thankfully, as I sit down to update the shoppe for April, the sun has decided to peak out for a bit. The plants are singing.

So what does April bring? The Black Ibis Tarot’s brand spanking new third edition is now up for pre-ordering with shipping to follow the first of May. The third edition features a larger card size and more vibrant coloring to the artwork. I’m working on the new packaging design right now, but like the Isidore decks, a full packaging and just the deck and book options are available. The basic packaging is the same, just working on the label artwork I should say.

Other updates: Isidore third edition decks have begun shipping. The Sea and Sand Isidore decks haven’t arrived yet, but should be here before the week is over. They’ll begin shipping next week. The Tea Bat cards will be arriving with the Sea and Sand decks and I’ll start packaging them up after all the Sea and Sand decks get into the post. I’m aiming to have shipping for all previous deck sales done by mid April.

And perfect timing, it’s storming again. Time to shut the computer down for a bit to let it pass (you can’t believe how often this neighborhood suffers lightning strikes that toasts the power.) When I get back online I’ll be getting caught on the shoppe inbox too, just in case anyone is wondering where I’ve been. :)

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The Black Ibis Tarot Sale

Attic Cartomancy - The Black Ibis Tarot - Third Edition

I just okayed the proof deck for The Black Ibis Tarot’s third edition. It looks lovely and a preview can be seen here. This means I’ll be selling the last of the second edition I have in stock and tucking it away. Monday, in honor of opening day when I’ll be downtown in Cincinnati staring and the Reds parade, we’ll have a sale going on in the Attic Shoppe. This will include a just the deck quick buy and two of the very original Black Ibis decks. The first edition didn’t have a minor arcana and the packaging was pretty simple. I offer them now more as a collectable. There were only fifty of those decks originally printed years back. Sale info will be at The Attic Shoppe tomorrow. Or if you’re on our mailing list you’ll get a preview tonight with a discount code. :)

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Surprises for the Day

Attic Cartomancy - Discovery Attic Cartomancy - Discovery

We’re still transporting the boxes of our life slowly from Michigan to Ohio with each trip back. Given my craft corner that is a pretty big task. And if my craft boxes are a small army of Tupperware, then my gent’s art supplies are that army’s kingdom. With that said, I spent the morning sifting through some of the boxes we brought back trying to find all the little nooks and crannies of my studio/shoppe that I’m still missing. I stumbled upon my out-of-the-case vending suitcase! It had treasures!

My biggest find in the case was two first printing Black Ibis decks and my own original Black Ibis prototype deck! I love finding old decks. I tend to sell out to the last. If I’m at a convention I try to hold onto my display decks but often if I have sold out of that deck someone will talk me into letting it go. So I was terribly happy to find these. I’m keeping my deck! I think I will make a special companion book to match the simple deck package and sell one and keep the other one for my collection. I’m making shadowboxes featuring each of my different decks. The other photo is my wonderful lil Gremlin helping me photograph my Attic spirit boards. Six years ago on Halloween my gent and I found him mewing and a bit dog chewed under our car. We knew the stray he was from, we figure he was about six weeks when we found him. Given he actually came into our lives on Halloween (and he looked like Gizmo from the Gremlins as a kitten) we thought it a good marker for him.