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The Isidore Tarot – Coloring Book

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. offers tarot lovers (and coloring book fans) an opportunity to add their own creative colors to an already naturally beautifully colored deck. Explore here the major arcana for the popular Isidore Tarot deck that are a series of collages using the incredible work of illustrator J.J. Grandville. And once you’ve moved through the tarot itself, you have a variety of Grandville’s original works to lay hue and atmosphere to. This coloring book is from original collages from our shoppe artist Bethalynne Bajema, from the works of J.J. Grandville. We look forward to seeing how others paint these incredible snapshots of this fantastical world! And honestly there is no tarot knowledge or curiosity needed! These are snapshots of wonderful places. Everyone is welcome! Purchase on Amazon.
The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. - The Isidore Tarot Coloring Book

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Hello August

Happy August to you! There aren’t too many updates for today. I’ve had a little downtime over the weekend for health stuff and have left the aetherweb to mostly scheduled social type updates. I do have a schedule for upcoming sales (specifically decks) here now. I also have had new previews of the Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumn Scenes (formally the Attic Halloween Tarot) deck’s new minor arcana. You can see them here. I’m finishing up the swords suit at the moment. The feedback so far has been really wonderful. Quite a bit of (I’m actually going to say it) exciting Attic Shoppe deck stuff happening as we move towards autumn, the best season ever! I feel like I have to make up for last fall. I missed most of it and my shoppe was on a time out.

Now a few last things: The Sea & Sand decks have been ordered and should be arriving the start of next week. The companion books are already in. This means next week the post office will love me as I start bringing in the first orders ready for the post. I will be getting caught up on Isidore doll size tarot orders today. I honestly didn’t think that little imp of a deck would do so well! Thank you all for that. I will also be getting caught up on the inbox this evening. On that note, I have some shoppe work to tuck into. Have a wonderful august day! And august! Can’t believe it’s august already!

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This one last time for all the blue rabbits

Happy Friday the 13th! Again! Seems like there have been a lot of those this year. For our magical 13th we’re offering the Sea and Sand Isidore spring edition one last time. I keep getting so many inquiries on when it will sell again and those upset they missed the sale. So given I’m a soft touch, just one more time and then I really will need to tuck away it until next year. I’m looking forward to my Oracles & Flutter-Byes deck campaign and I know that will be ultra time consuming. And I am still looking to finally make the shoppe’s Halloween tarot available again through the month of October. So this wee Isidore gem will get a rest until after another winter has passed and spring is trying to blossom once again. Please note that I have updated our site’s privacy policy. And to be on the safe side for the moment I’m conducting all sales through directly so that I can include international orders. And now I’m going to go stare at the air conditioner a moment and ask it why it swears this room is only 75 degrees even though the cats have melted and I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 92. Have a wonderful spooky Friday! And for those who can actually see the eclipse today, enjoy it for us over here!

The Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition

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Remember that Halloween Tarot?

It’s been quietly sitting on the back-burner for awhile now, but I have been making additions to our Halloween tarot deck’s minor arcana as time permits. A card here, a card there. Now it’s time to start showing them off a little each week to lead up to the Halloween season when it will be available again. You can visit my Attic Cartomancy page for this deck to keep an eye on its progress.
Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumn Scenes

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Like Pretty Pictures with Cute Tarot Decks?

Yet another shoppe program note: Are you a fan of the Isidore Tarot? Do you like card of the day posts, beautiful still-life photos, and perhaps an Instagram enthusiast? Well the Isidore Tarot has its very own Instagram account now! Like we need another right? But hey! Our lil Isidore has taken on a life of its own. Why not give it a personal platform to be awesome? It can talk about its tarot parents now and other decks can be like – pssst, I know right? Tarot parents! Found here. Please follow!!!

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Tea and Tarot Tuesday

Attic Cartomancy - Tea and Tarot Tuesday - Nine of Coins

From Attic Cartomancy: A little Miss Emma’s Tea in my favorite bee tea cup of my aunt’s. Miss Emma’s Tea features parsley, sage, licorice root, and fennel seed. It’s a nice tea to help sooth some of the things that ail us maturing women. 😊

Pictured with it is the nine of coins from my Isidore Tarot – a good card I use to think upon my slowly growing self confidence and enjoying what has come from my hard work. At the same time it reminds me not to get frivolous and chance messing up my accomplishments with foolish decisions. 🤔

Miss Emma’s Tea is an original recipe from the Orange Moon Tea Society.

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Isidore Doll Size Tarot Back

Our doll size Isidore Tarot deck is available again. This is an open edition and given that I have them on hand I’m not making it a timed sale. There will be a slight pause in shipping orders for the week of the fourth of July. I will be back in Michigan to check on family, finish the last round of painting on the original attic house (my aunt Mira’s home), and attend a wedding… my own. My gent and I have known each other 20 years and been an engaged couple for half of that. I’ve referred to him as my husband forever. Now we’re making it legal in a small ceremony. Maggie will be covering the mailbox while I’m off. On that note, now that the doll deck is available, time to go give some love to my cartomancy blog that has been missing me. Have a good weekend everyone! :)

The Isidore Doll Size Tarot is back! In a variety of ordering options. :) Click for details.
The Isidore Tarot Doll Size Deck

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Happy May Day to You!

We’re home from our convention and getting back into shoppe mode. The Sea and Sand Isidore Tarot and The Black Ibis Tarot sales are approaching their conclusion. So nab one while you can. The Black Ibis Tarot won’t be available again until September. The Sepia Stains Tarot sale has just begun. It will be available for pre-ordering throughout May with estimated shipping mid June. And for our mailing list peeps we have something special to celebrate May the 4th (be with you.)

Now on sale through May. Purchase with full packaging or just the deck and book.
The Sepia Stains Tarot Deck

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First Deck Arrived

The first sample Isidore deck arrived today; this one being for the Sea and Sand deck. It looks lovely. The colors are very vibrant. The photo below really doesn’t do it justice. Another quick note: I mentioned this in the mailing list email that just went out – the Attic Shoppe site is getting a spring cleaning over the next week. You might encounter the occasional page in mid-edit. This hiccup will be brief. Thank you for understanding; the site has needed this for awhile. Have a wonderful day!
The Isidore Tarot Special Edition

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Bye Bye Isidore Second Edition

I almost feel like déjà vu, except this time our last chance sale is for the Isidore Tarot’s second edition. The second edition has been most popular and while I don’t rule out having potential special sales for it somewhere off in the future, in the here and now it’s time to retire it. The third edition of the deck has some new additions, a revamped book, and some packaging changes. We’re also in talks with a major gaming company about publishing the third edition of the deck to make it more readily available everywhere. I’m working hard on that, but as the Isidore deck is my baby I’m being very selective and thoughtful about offers from other parties to publish it. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, this sale runs from Sept 20th to Oct 20th. There is no limit to the decks available, only the time in which to order before we make our print order for them. Decks purchased through this sale will be ready to begin shipping on Halloween. We’re also opening up orders to international customers. For those who wish to buy a deck outside of the US please contact us directly with your city/country of origin so we can properly calculate shipping for you. And of course for the last sale you can go with the full deck packaging here (which might be the last time we offer something so elaborately packaged on a regular basis for awhile) or you can go the slimmer version of just the deck and book here.

I have to thank everyone who has helped promote this deck by word of mouth, or reviewing it, or just those wonderful folks who have been patient between the sell outs of the deck to the new sales. I’ve always been very proud of it and even more proud that its popularity continues to grow! :)

The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition
The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition The Attic Shoppe Isidore Tarot Last Chance Sale for the Second Edition
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The Isidore Tarot In Stock for the Moment

I have Isidore decks available again but only in a limited number. When this printing sells out I’m not sure when I’ll be able to order them again, but I’m working on that. You can grab an Isidore Tarot deck with full packaging here. For those who’d like just the deck you can pick that up here, there is also the option to add a book. These are available until I’ve sold out. And as mentioned in the previous post: These decks will come with my version of the Happy Squirrel card for tarot fans who collect decks with those. I’ve also listed them (at that link) for anyone who already has the deck and would like to add it to their deck. :)

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Oh Noes! Happy Squirrelthulhu!

Happy Squirrelthulhu from the Isidore Tarot

So as I mentioned in my previous shoppe update there is an add-on card for The Isidore Tarot. I included it in the doll-size version of the deck (pictured here) and showed it off at my last convention and everyone loved it. I hadn’t included it originally because I didn’t have the space. I mentioned to a few people that I was planning to include it with the third edition of the deck that I will eventually publish. A few of my existing Isidore deck owners cried foul so I made a promise to make it available for anyone who’d like to add it to their deck.

So here it is! Since there are two editions of the deck I’ve made sure to order cards that have both card backs. These are being printed through the same printer whose cardstock and printing are pretty uniform. I’ve never had any decks that felt different than the others and the size is also uniform so this card should fit right into an existing deck. Below are options for each deck back. Select the one that matches your deck. Cards are a whooping $2 to cover the card, envelope, and stamps. Cards are printing and will be available to ship in two weeks. As for the card going into the deck, it will be available in every deck for the third edition and I will be including one in any second edition orders before then. Please note that the very first decks (the square cards on lighter paper printed through my original printer) I made before giving them a proper edition number I can’t make cards for. It would be nearly impossible to match the cardstock used back then. I’m sorry about that!

First Edition Card Back
The Attic Cartomancy - The Happy Squirrelthulhu Card for the Isidore Tarot

Second Edition Card Back
The Attic Cartomancy - The Happy Squirrelthulhu Card for the Isidore Tarot

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Last Chance First Edition Halloween Decks

This is the last chance to get the first edition Halloween decks, both the open and limited editions. This deck features only the major arcana and has been printed in very limited numbers. Our second edition is currently being revamped with the addition of the minor arcana and looking to be offered through a game publisher. More about that as we know more ourselves. In the meantime! These decks are all discounted and really, really want a forever home. *they’re giving you puppy tarot dog eyes* Update: These decks have sold. Thank you!

The Attic Shoppe - The Open Edition Halloween Tarot
The Attic Shoppe - The Limited Edition Halloween Tarot
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The Black Ibis Tarot Sale

Attic Cartomancy - The Black Ibis Tarot - Third Edition

I just okayed the proof deck for The Black Ibis Tarot’s third edition. It looks lovely and a preview can be seen here. This means I’ll be selling the last of the second edition I have in stock and tucking it away. Monday, in honor of opening day when I’ll be downtown in Cincinnati staring and the Reds parade, we’ll have a sale going on in the Attic Shoppe. This will include a just the deck quick buy and two of the very original Black Ibis decks. The first edition didn’t have a minor arcana and the packaging was pretty simple. I offer them now more as a collectable. There were only fifty of those decks originally printed years back. Sale info will be at The Attic Shoppe tomorrow. Or if you’re on our mailing list you’ll get a preview tonight with a discount code. :)