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Tea and Tarot Tuesday

Attic Cartomancy - Tea and Tarot Tuesday - Nine of Coins

From Attic Cartomancy: A little Miss Emma’s Tea in my favorite bee tea cup of my aunt’s. Miss Emma’s Tea features parsley, sage, licorice root, and fennel seed. It’s a nice tea to help sooth some of the things that ail us maturing women. šŸ˜Š

Pictured with it is the nine of coins from my Isidore Tarot – a good card I use to think upon my slowly growing self confidence and enjoying what has come from my hard work. At the same time it reminds me not to get frivolous and chance messing up my accomplishments with foolish decisions. šŸ¤”

Miss Emma’s Tea is an original recipe from the Orange Moon Tea Society.

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The Orange Moon Tea Society’s Tea Time

Our night at the Ladies Literary Club in Ypsilanti was absolutely wonderful! Our host Acadia put together an incredibly beautiful tea party and she left no detail out. Below are a few samples of the evening including all the beautiful (and unique to each table) tea settings. The Wormwood Queen’s hubby Ted was a wonderful master of ceremonies for the event mingling historical facts about the city and the Spiritualist movement and with a gentle slight of hand turned things over to us for a little bit about our society, where we come from and the stories behind our teas. We started with Butterfly Circus Tea and got into tales of that circus, fairies, and how Mab came to be in the most interesting green house this side of Salem. The next serving was absinthe tea and devoted to all things green fairy as Kate talked of her family’s history creating absinthe and how some of the myths attributed to the drink came to be. The final tea was our new blend created for the Motor City Steam con –a nice vanilla and rum mix. Tea goers sipped tea with the loose tea inside as Kate gave them a lesson in tea leaf reading. A few ghosts popped in for a visit; one of which got a tad surly at times and really liked to stand behind people. We were also pleased that through our gift box raffle we were able to raise additional funds for Acadia’s The Blushing Violet Project. It was a wonderful night and we can’t wait for the next one! Originally posted here.

Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea
Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea
Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergineā€™s Mystical Tea
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Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea

A good October Tea Party

Madam Aubergine is filling her parlor with her closest confidants for tea leaf reading, tarot, and tales of the arcaneā€¦ and youā€™re invited too!

Join us for an intimate evening of inspired by Mysticism clubs of the Victorian era. Be transported by teas hand blended by the Orange Moon Tea Society, designed to awaken your sense of wonder; perfectly paired with Fairy tale treats & seasonal samplings. Explore tasseomancy, tarot & subjects too secret to mention in polite company; woven into a unique storytelling experience.

This is an East Michigan event and tickets are limited. Please visit the event page for location, date, times, and misc info. This is a fund-raising event for The Blushing Violet Project.