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Happy Autumn Monday

Hello everyone. We have two new sales up on our products page. The Isidore doll size tarot and the second edition Tea Bat lenormand are on sale until december 5th. Both decks are listed at sale price for november. The Isidore regular deck will be on sale tomorrow as well when Beth is back online.

I can’t get into the shop’s regular mail at the moment. I double checked shipment tracking in Beth’s gmail account and it looks like most of the sale packages have been delivered. There are two missing packages the local post office found and are back on route to their destinations. One package seems to be returning to us. Beth will be back online tomorrow to tackle mail and site needs. Have a great day everyone! – Mira

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End of Sale

The post office just stopped by and picked up the last of my outgoing sale decks. He’s a sweet mailman, but he has a hard time suppressing his “come on woman!” look when I start loading him up. I assured him that as much as I enjoyed his lovely personality I should be back on the road next week and no longer needing pick ups. The local post office is actually only three blocks from here and I used to walk it; hopefully I’ll be back to that in the new year. I’ve been trying to make sure to note in shipping messages to allow up to 24 hours for tracking to catch-up. Packages picked up from the house normally bypass the local post office and go straight downtown. So scanning times vary.

To answer one question I’ve gotten about package extras: All the mini prints included with the decks are courtesy of Myke Amend’s artwork. The prints are random with each package but include work from his Airships & Tentacles series. Each also has a happy squirrel card.

I didn’t get our Christmas sale up this weekend, but it is not for lack of trying. We have a lovely new plugin for our shopping cart program that is meant to make pre-ordering easier. As often is the case, that which makes things easier tends to be difficult to set up. So now that all my packaging duties are out of the way, I’m going to sit down with the programming wizard that his my gent tonight and give it another go. And with that I leave you with a peek at the Attic’s mantle top. Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to start putting the Christmas ribbons on our little monsters. ;)

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Update on Shipping and next sale info

Hello November! I’m down to my last sixteen orders and I did run out of tins this morning. FedEx assures me my delayed tins are arriving by the end of today. I should have everyone covered by the end of the weekend. Which will be wonderful! The sound of shipping tape wears on the nerves. ;)

Maggie is coming in to help me with the shoppe email. My post-accident woes are acting up again and I’m having issues with seeing the laptop screen due to my buggered up eye. So I’m about a day behind on correspondence. I just want to make sure everyone knows in case you’re waiting for a response. Maggie is good and quick about it. :)

Lastly, I’ve caved into requests and will put the Isidore second edition up for sale one more time. The sale will be the same pre-order set up as this past one. The sale will go up this weekend. I have no more local events for this year, so the last of my event stock will go online at the same time. And, as threatened, I will finally have the doll sized Isidore deck available.
The Isidore Tarot Doll Sized Deck

Alrighty, those are the updates. Excuse any typos or wrong words. I’ve found auto-finish helps me tackle writing posts I can half see. Takes an hour, but gets the job down. So now I’m back to the work attic to finish up what I can as I wait for my tins to arrive. It’s been rather cathartic to be back to the fuss of working on shoppe stuff again. I let the gent bring packages down for me though. I’m still convinced there’s a gnome living under those attic stairs. Better safe then sorry! :)