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Deck Update

The Isidore Tarot

The first third edition Isidore decks have arrived! Order packaging begins this weekend with first orders beginning to ship this coming Tuesday. The Sea and Sand decks will be arriving next week and those orders will begin shipping shortly after. Every thing looks lovely. All orders should be into the post by mid April. This was a particularly well received sale so filling orders will take up most of my time, I appreciate your patience. And remember – you’re always welcome to contact me for a rough estimate when your order will ship. I will continue to update the ghost blog with shipping progress.

The Tea Bats Lenormand sale will conclude this Friday. I had it listed to end on the 24th of the month, but I’ve let it remain up a few days longer as I get through a little R&R downtime for check-ups and some follow up care. I’m almost a whole witch again! UPCOMING SALES: The Black Ibis Tarot, the brand spanking new third edition, will go on pre-sale April 1st, no fools! ;) The Sepia Stains tarot will become available for pre-sale (for the first time in more than a year actually) may 1st. Now, this shoppe witch needs to get back to work. Have a lovely week!

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The boxes of new Isidore books have started to arrive. This evening I’ll venture to the print shop to pick up my deck labels. All I’m waiting on now are the decks to arrive from their printer. I will mostly likely be able to start shipping orders sometime next week. Knock on wood, but everything seems to be going ahead of schedule. :)