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And Over at Attic Cartomancy

Alright, I’ve finally jumped into the oracle pool feet first. I should have plugged my nose! I think I have purple water on the brain. That aside, I’ve been finishing up on my second oracle deck. It’s expanded a bit, developed a deeper personality and meaning, and its whispers are getting a little louder. That’s how it starts for me typically. This deck is a chatterer. It’s telling me stories about who my oracles are and what I might find them to be. I updated the info on its page found here.
Oracles and Flutter Byes - The Orange Moon Oracle

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Isidore Doll Size Tarot Back

Our doll size Isidore Tarot deck is available again. This is an open edition and given that I have them on hand I’m not making it a timed sale. There will be a slight pause in shipping orders for the week of the fourth of July. I will be back in Michigan to check on family, finish the last round of painting on the original attic house (my aunt Mira’s home), and attend a wedding… my own. My gent and I have known each other 20 years and been an engaged couple for half of that. I’ve referred to him as my husband forever. Now we’re making it legal in a small ceremony. Maggie will be covering the mailbox while I’m off. On that note, now that the doll deck is available, time to go give some love to my cartomancy blog that has been missing me. Have a good weekend everyone! :)

The Isidore Doll Size Tarot is back! In a variety of ordering options. :) Click for details.
The Isidore Tarot Doll Size Deck

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Quick Update on Sales Shipping

This is just a quick update on deck shipping for our last two sales: The last Isidore Sea and Sand deck goes into the post bound for its overseas home tomorrow. If anyone who has bought the Sea and Sand special spring edition is still waiting on theirs please contact us directly through your order receipt email. We’ll check on tracking and make sure it didn’t accidentally get over looked. We’ve been putting together a rather high volume of orders on packaging days and there is always room for human error. But all errors can be fixed!

Our Sepia Stains decks are on route with additional Black Ibis decks. They should have arrived by now but our printer has been having some delivery issues between them and the Midwest. Packages are already pulled together for orders. When the decks get here they’re ready for the mail. We were able to order more of the Isidore third edition before the end of the sale, so we’ll start shipping those decks as well. Speaking of Isidore, Beth is back up and running on nearly full steam again so she’s currently finishing up the sale elements for the doll deck.

We’ve been replying to inquiries through our contact form and not everyone has been replying. So just to note again: Inquiries through our contact form will be replied to from webmistress at email address. Remember to check your spam folder if you’ve written us and note heard back yet. Our reply might be in there. Hope you’re all having a good day!

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June Update

Welcome June! It already feels like August. Well it does here. I’m putting on the title of Attic Ghost for a little bit. As you know our Isidore third edition is available for pre-order at the moment. Grab one while you can! And by popular request I’ve added Tea Bat art prints to our art page today. Links to ordering options are below. I’m helping out with orders this week. We’ve started on the Sepia Stains orders. I print out labels as I’m packaging to keep things organized. There may be a little catch-up time between receiving your tracking notice and when your stuff goes into the mail. I’m not quite as speedy as our shoppe-keep, but I’m learning fast! – :) Attic Ghost Maggie