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New Coloring Book Coming Soon!

I’m pleased to announce that we have our second coloring book that will be available just as soon as my proof copy shows up any day now. My aunt loves coloring books. It’s become her favorite hobby. I enjoy sending her books and giving her my tester books to see how she likes them. That’s how I decided it would be neat to have a coloring book for the Isidore Tarot. She liked it and our coloring book loving customers have really liked it. So I’ve been tinkering on new ones.

For this past Steampunk Symposium convention I created a commemorative coloring book that featured Bly and her many costumes. It also served as an sort of advert for the Attic Shoppe in an old time, vintage sign sort of way. I took some of the coloring pages from that and some of the coloring books I’m currently working on and combined them together to make a tour of the Attic and all the different fantastical places our artwork features. Below is a sample of the cover and a few sample pages from the book. It’ll be available through Amazon. I hope it’ll be well liked!

The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. - Around the Attic Shoppe in 80 Pages - Coloring Book

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Tuesday Sthmuesday

It is coming up on 5pm and I’ve been awake since before 6am. My all day work binge of Altered Carbon is coming to a close and all I want to do is get some sleep. Or a cat nap before finishing out the night. It’s been a productive day though.

The Attic Shoppe now has a more streamlined shopping cart and catalog. The shopping cart isn’t live yet. On sale items will take you to our Paypal account to finish out the transaction. The site needs a secure certificate so we can run the premium shopping cart plugin. That takes a bit of an investment so that will be coming soon. I like the new catalog a lot. It allows me a very simple and clean way to display all of our drygoods. Most of the day has been simply product adding to the catalog.

I have to apologize that packages did not get to the post office today. They will go out tomorrow when I have a driver. I am currently not in driving mode. I call my accident the rotten gift that keeps on giving even after nearly a year here in a month. This time it has given me a blood clot in my injured leg. That was discovered yesterday afternoon when my leg suddenly looked all uh oh. Tomorrow I get my vascular scan to see what is going on in there and then treatment. In the meantime, just to be safe, I’m on house rest. Needless to say it is rustled up my nerves a little bit. Thus the no sleeping. But hey! All that dedicated work got done!

I do realize that as a simple shoppe-keep I do share a bit of my personal bruhah here. To be honest, that’s just my personality. But it does serve a purpose to my visitors and customers. Given that I am the heart of my business and the little engine that can to keep it chugging forward, I like to note when health issues crop up in case it leads to a few days of downtime. I just don’t want there to be surprises. I do have my shoppe stuff, on my laptop and offline in my traveling stock, as organized as I can make it so someone can assist me if need be. But I have found that no one tends to my store and orders quite like I do. I think this is what is not politely called being anal retentive. ;)

So now that I am just one episode away from the end of my second binge of Altered Carbon (and I’ve officially overdosed on actor J.K.) I’m moving through the last of my spirit board products. Speaking of which, recently I found a new method of laying my basic board designs right into the wood of my boards. It’s not as vibrant as an art print with varnish of course, but it does have a very excellent, old timey look to it. I can give them a really worked over, vintage look. I have also almost finished my first handmade tarot purse. It’s the Fool card from the Isidore Sea & Sand edition. I did some hand beading and decorating to it and I just need to sew it all together. I love it! I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile. I think I’m going to make something in the same vein for my Oracles & Flutter-Byes deck. And don’t ask me where I find the time. If I’m home and awake my hands have to be doing something. Better that something be productive. I mean… I once spent that time on Neopets. Neopets my friends.

On that note, it’s about time to wish the gent (I guess I can officially say husband now, but I like gent better) a safe trek home and think about making dinner. Or ordering dinner. Yes. Feels like an ordering dinner kind of day. Please check out the new catalog features and let me know what you think! :) — Exhausted Chick Out

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This one last time for all the blue rabbits

Happy Friday the 13th! Again! Seems like there have been a lot of those this year. For our magical 13th we’re offering the Sea and Sand Isidore spring edition one last time. I keep getting so many inquiries on when it will sell again and those upset they missed the sale. So given I’m a soft touch, just one more time and then I really will need to tuck away it until next year. I’m looking forward to my Oracles & Flutter-Byes deck campaign and I know that will be ultra time consuming. And I am still looking to finally make the shoppe’s Halloween tarot available again through the month of October. So this wee Isidore gem will get a rest until after another winter has passed and spring is trying to blossom once again. Please note that I have updated our site’s privacy policy. And to be on the safe side for the moment I’m conducting all sales through directly so that I can include international orders. And now I’m going to go stare at the air conditioner a moment and ask it why it swears this room is only 75 degrees even though the cats have melted and I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 92. Have a wonderful spooky Friday! And for those who can actually see the eclipse today, enjoy it for us over here!

The Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Special Edition

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Happy Belated 4th!

Myke & Bethalynne  Bajema Amend

Well it’s official! After a twenty year friendship and the ten years of that time spent engaged, the gent and I finally made it official. This is the two of us being wed by our good friend Ted. My big brother’s new wife (and my new beloved big sister) Sara acted as my witness and maid of honor. We didn’t plan a thing and just went with it. And it ended up turning out perfect. We married on the 4th of July and headed back home, stopping half way in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Our hotel room overlooked the Tincaps’ baseball field. We could watch and listen to the game from our room and see nearly every fireworks show across the town from our view. It was a really good day and evening.

Now I’m back home and getting back to shoppe mode. Part of that is going to be some fundraising. While we were back at my aunt’s house (the original Attic Shoppe as I like to say) we started the process of finishing off the house painting. It went much quicker this time, but then we didn’t need to scrap and prime the entire house this time around, just give it color. We found an insect issue with the wood though. The plumbing is also in need of some serious repair and replacement. The furnace was replaced when it went out over the winter and the electric reworked to accommodate it, but now those loans are needing to be paid off quickly so we don’t slip into the doubled interest phase. You know, normal house owning woes for someone retired and living off a fixed income.

So you might ask, what has that to do with my shoppe or you? Well this is the only place for me to earn the funds to help my aunt out. This means I will be running a variety of special sales to raise some funds. A lot of this will involve the Isidore Tarot as it is wonderfully versatile and popular. So look for one more sale of the Sea and Sand Spring Edition of the deck. A few custom versions of the deck I will be offering to help with house funds. And lastly the start of a pre-order sale for an autumn take on the deck. I will also start rolling out Halloween items I’ve been working on. So basically it’s just more shoppe stuff, but more of it because I have a goal.

Today, however, I’m getting caught up on the shoppe’s inbox. Maggie is still off on vacation, so I will be working solo. Hopefully I can get everyone caught up in a day or two. And with the exception of a recent doll size tarot sale, I’ve got my shipping up to date so no one should be waiting on anything. If you are, give me a poke so I can check with the post office. I want to thank many of you so much for sending me your warm wishes for my wedding, as well as helping promote my wee shoppe just by sharing photos of your decks. It means a lot to me. The lad sends his thank yous too. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July if you celebrate it (or just like an excuse to set fireworks off.) And with that, I poof back into the attic to get back to the business of the day! :)