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Black Cats and Pumpkins Gleam

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam; may luck be yours on Halloween!” is one of our favorite Halloween quotes. So it seemed fitting to take our own black cat (The Dapper Cat) and pair him with pumpkins and autumn colors and patterns. So we are please to offer our first Halloween tee! This item is available through our Red Bubble shoppe at this link.
The Attic Shoppe Halloween Tees - Black Cats and Pumpkins Gleam

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Last Chance First Edition Halloween Decks

This is the last chance to get the first edition Halloween decks, both the open and limited editions. This deck features only the major arcana and has been printed in very limited numbers. Our second edition is currently being revamped with the addition of the minor arcana and looking to be offered through a game publisher. More about that as we know more ourselves. In the meantime! These decks are all discounted and really, really want a forever home. *they’re giving you puppy tarot dog eyes* Update: These decks have sold. Thank you!

The Attic Shoppe - The Open Edition Halloween Tarot
The Attic Shoppe - The Limited Edition Halloween Tarot
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Happy Halloween from the Attic Shoppe

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope everyone is out on this spooky evening enjoying it to the fullest. We’re staying in and handing out candy for the very first time in our new home. I’ve been a bit under the weather the past two weeks so we’re doing simple, but I’m still excited. Now for a few shoppe notes: Hey! The Attic Shoppe received a wonderful local review, which gave us a huge boost in traffic! Yay! However, I’ve been cleaned out of on-hand decks. I have a huge order currently printing. In the meantime some of our decks are out of stock till that order arrives. I’m also getting a little holiday season help and we’ll be creating and offering gift boxes for the season. More on that in the week to come. Right now the doorbell is ringing and a little witch is staring down our candy bowl. Enjoy the holiday and be safe!

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Surprises for the Day

Attic Cartomancy - Discovery Attic Cartomancy - Discovery

We’re still transporting the boxes of our life slowly from Michigan to Ohio with each trip back. Given my craft corner that is a pretty big task. And if my craft boxes are a small army of Tupperware, then my gent’s art supplies are that army’s kingdom. With that said, I spent the morning sifting through some of the boxes we brought back trying to find all the little nooks and crannies of my studio/shoppe that I’m still missing. I stumbled upon my out-of-the-case vending suitcase! It had treasures!

My biggest find in the case was two first printing Black Ibis decks and my own original Black Ibis prototype deck! I love finding old decks. I tend to sell out to the last. If I’m at a convention I try to hold onto my display decks but often if I have sold out of that deck someone will talk me into letting it go. So I was terribly happy to find these. I’m keeping my deck! I think I will make a special companion book to match the simple deck package and sell one and keep the other one for my collection. I’m making shadowboxes featuring each of my different decks. The other photo is my wonderful lil Gremlin helping me photograph my Attic spirit boards. Six years ago on Halloween my gent and I found him mewing and a bit dog chewed under our car. We knew the stray he was from, we figure he was about six weeks when we found him. Given he actually came into our lives on Halloween (and he looked like Gizmo from the Gremlins as a kitten) we thought it a good marker for him.

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The Orange Moon Tea Society’s Tea Time

Our night at the Ladies Literary Club in Ypsilanti was absolutely wonderful! Our host Acadia put together an incredibly beautiful tea party and she left no detail out. Below are a few samples of the evening including all the beautiful (and unique to each table) tea settings. The Wormwood Queen’s hubby Ted was a wonderful master of ceremonies for the event mingling historical facts about the city and the Spiritualist movement and with a gentle slight of hand turned things over to us for a little bit about our society, where we come from and the stories behind our teas. We started with Butterfly Circus Tea and got into tales of that circus, fairies, and how Mab came to be in the most interesting green house this side of Salem. The next serving was absinthe tea and devoted to all things green fairy as Kate talked of her family’s history creating absinthe and how some of the myths attributed to the drink came to be. The final tea was our new blend created for the Motor City Steam con –a nice vanilla and rum mix. Tea goers sipped tea with the loose tea inside as Kate gave them a lesson in tea leaf reading. A few ghosts popped in for a visit; one of which got a tad surly at times and really liked to stand behind people. We were also pleased that through our gift box raffle we were able to raise additional funds for Acadia’s The Blushing Violet Project. It was a wonderful night and we can’t wait for the next one! Originally posted here.

Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea
Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea
Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea
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lll23 lll24 lll25
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Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Boxes

The Orange Moon Tea Society

From our sister site Orange Moon Tea Society: We just finished up our first raffle box for Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea event. This one features our Orange Moon mini spirit board, a selection of tea samples, and a honey bee hat pin. If you’ll be at this event make sure you grab a raffle ticket! Proceeds go to a very good cause – The Blushing Violet Project. We’re just a few days away!

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Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea

A good October Tea Party

Madam Aubergine is filling her parlor with her closest confidants for tea leaf reading, tarot, and tales of the arcane… and you’re invited too!

Join us for an intimate evening of inspired by Mysticism clubs of the Victorian era. Be transported by teas hand blended by the Orange Moon Tea Society, designed to awaken your sense of wonder; perfectly paired with Fairy tale treats & seasonal samplings. Explore tasseomancy, tarot & subjects too secret to mention in polite company; woven into a unique storytelling experience.

This is an East Michigan event and tickets are limited. Please visit the event page for location, date, times, and misc info. This is a fund-raising event for The Blushing Violet Project.

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September Updates

Our September updates are a pinch late on account of, hmm, life? It’s been a bit of a heavy two weeks for us here. However, we remembered Bob in a fashion he’d approve (copious amounts of beer and German food at Octoberfest while we remembered his stories – like the morning he made me goetta for the first time and told me the tale of his new bride’s first experience with it in which she boiled it) and our basement if FINALLY dried out from those rains. I thought coming from the west coast side of Michigan I knew strange weather. I had not experienced such pop-up storms before. And so much rain! That aside.

Our Butterfly Circus deck is done and looks beautiful if I do brag. We’ve settled on a packaging design and the companion book is printing. We’re looking towards next Wednesday (Sept 14th) to begin regular sale of the deck. If you’re on our mailing/coupon list you’ll soon be getting a pre-sale discount offer for the deck for the days leading up to that. Plus there just might be another list subscriber flash sale in there again too. If you’d like to join our list just send us your email here or look for our pop-up on the site. We don’t spam, share or otherwise over-mail our list and you can leave it at any time.

We’re finalizing some of our Halloween designs to add them to the shoppe and begin our holiday season! I’m really excited about that. But first we have a new deck to launch. :) I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the settling in of autumn.

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Card of the Day: The Coffin

The Coffin from the Tea Bats Lenormand deck by Bethalynne Bajema and available through The Attic Shoppe Trading Co

Our card of the day was selected from our Tea Bats Lenormand deck. The card we pulled today was the coffin. The everyday person might get a shudder upon pulling this card but Attic folk just smile, sort of subdued like. This is not an inherently bad card as one might think. It’s a card that signifies a great deal about a need of change. There might be an aspect of your life that needs change, or closure… or the completion of a cycle so a new cycle can begin. Change is a part of life and what keeps our lives ever evolving.

As I pull these cards for myself I know for me it’s the completion of a cycle. For a year now I have been in mourning, rebuilding and finding a new groove in a life that was so different from this time last year. Things have hit an end point and I’ve accepted that change in the current of my river, so to speak. The elder goth in me says “Right on… gloomy card…” but the person in me who loves life (as goths actually do no matter what anyone tells you) realizes things have taken a turn and are getting better, more stabilized. I don’t hate on this card. And I love bats. ;) You can see the whole tea bats deck here.

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