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Craft Petal Pixie

Another of my wee dolls is off to their new home today. These types of dolls I’ve left the faces blank so you can either paint your own face on them or leave them blank. To answer the question I’m getting to my inbox (open once again, by the way) is where I’m selling them. I haven’t sold any online yet. I’ve taken a few commissions from my previous events where the customer gives me the color gradient they’d like and the size. This little gal is about four inches in size, with what we decided to call the peach meets kiwi gradient.

The Attic Shoppe Petal Pixie The Attic Shoppe Petal Pixie
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So Miss Moxie Mox and her companion Hooter Todd are off to their new home today. I’m actually a little misty to see her go. I began sewing these dolls as something to get me away from the computer. I’ve been tickled that they’ve gotten a warmer reception than just being the product of my new hobby. I have a small army of them to get photographed one of these days. Click on image to see a larger view.

The Dollhouse at the Back of the Attic The Dollhouse at the Back of the Attic
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Pretties for your metal places

It seems fitting to introduce my new flower themed dollies for May Day! Soon we make available these wee flower pixie magnets. They’re handmade and no two are exactly alike. They’re cute lil buggers that have already taken over our Attic fridge. These are a few of my petal pink gals. I admit that I’m an old bat goth type, but that soft pink has always been my favorite color. Don’t tell anyone!

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