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September Updates

Our September updates are a pinch late on account of, hmm, life? It’s been a bit of a heavy two weeks for us here. However, we remembered Bob in a fashion he’d approve (copious amounts of beer and German food at Octoberfest while we remembered his stories – like the morning he made me goetta for the first time and told me the tale of his new bride’s first experience with it in which she boiled it) and our basement if FINALLY dried out from those rains. I thought coming from the west coast side of Michigan I knew strange weather. I had not experienced such pop-up storms before. And so much rain! That aside.

Our Butterfly Circus deck is done and looks beautiful if I do brag. We’ve settled on a packaging design and the companion book is printing. We’re looking towards next Wednesday (Sept 14th) to begin regular sale of the deck. If you’re on our mailing/coupon list you’ll soon be getting a pre-sale discount offer for the deck for the days leading up to that. Plus there just might be another list subscriber flash sale in there again too. If you’d like to join our list just send us your email here or look for our pop-up on the site. We don’t spam, share or otherwise over-mail our list and you can leave it at any time.

We’re finalizing some of our Halloween designs to add them to the shoppe and begin our holiday season! I’m really excited about that. But first we have a new deck to launch. :) I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the settling in of autumn.