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New from the Tee Shirt Shoppe

During my downtime there was one project that was finished before my fateful stair-flight: I got my apparel page updated and better organized. You can visit our tee shirt shoppe here and see all of our available designs, where to get them, on what you can stick them, and even a few previews of stuff we’re working on right now. So now for today’s highlighted design! The Teddy Bat by Myke Amend.

This design is one of my absolute favorites. Yes, I’m slightly biased because it’s a character my best gent created for his dark humor comic Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake. However, it appeals to the old goth girl in me who likes her weird and gloomy things like Lenore or Squee. Plus? It is a bat. I think it’s safe to assume we like bats around here. As for the design itself it comes in a variety of designs where you can mix and match for outfits. It’s also featured on bags, stickers, the works. So drag your wee mouse over here to have a look. Just in time for Halloween!!

The Attic Shoppe at Red Bubble - The Teddy Bat
The Attic Shoppe at Red Bubble - The Teddy Bat

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The Attic is Officially Tee Shirt Crazy

Our Threadless shoppe is finally open. We have about twelve designs up at the moment that are mostly mine. I’ll be adding some of Myke’s as soon as I can find his master files. Many of our designs feature the artwork from our tarot decks. So please have a look and if you find an item you want to nab make sure you use coupon code FREESHIP66465d for free shipping. This coupon is valid from now until 11/21/16 at 11:59pm PT.

Tea Bats Tips Von Tea Tea Bats Scruff the Red

Attic Cartomancy Tee Shirt

Tea Bats Tea Head Ted Tea Bats Bat Marty
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Card of the Day: The Coffin

The Coffin from the Tea Bats Lenormand deck by Bethalynne Bajema and available through The Attic Shoppe Trading Co

Our card of the day was selected from our Tea Bats Lenormand deck. The card we pulled today was the coffin. The everyday person might get a shudder upon pulling this card but Attic folk just smile, sort of subdued like. This is not an inherently bad card as one might think. It’s a card that signifies a great deal about a need of change. There might be an aspect of your life that needs change, or closure… or the completion of a cycle so a new cycle can begin. Change is a part of life and what keeps our lives ever evolving.

As I pull these cards for myself I know for me it’s the completion of a cycle. For a year now I have been in mourning, rebuilding and finding a new groove in a life that was so different from this time last year. Things have hit an end point and I’ve accepted that change in the current of my river, so to speak. The elder goth in me says “Right on… gloomy card…” but the person in me who loves life (as goths actually do no matter what anyone tells you) realizes things have taken a turn and are getting better, more stabilized. I don’t hate on this card. And I love bats. ;) You can see the whole tea bats deck here.

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The Mad Hatter’s most favorite Lenormand deck

The Tea Bat Lenormand Deck

It started off with a Mad Hatter poem and eventually grew into a beautifully vintage looking Lenormand deck that is all about tea and bats, bats and tea. The Tea Bats Lenormand deck was created by Bethalynne for her Orange Moon Tea Society project. The Attic Shoppe is offering this week on sale. So go have a look!