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Shipping Updates

Happy screw Columbus day. Just an update to say that I am working on the orders that came in the last two weeks of the last Isidore sale. I should have everything into the mail between Thurs and Sat. I had a bit of a surge in last minute sales at the end of September and had to order more decks/books, but books are here and decks are arriving in the morning. Given that I have my IndieGoGo campaign going on right now for the Lydia Tarot’s debut, the Isidore deck probably won’t go back on sale till the new year. I will fully admit the last two Isidore sales were high volume and have been taking quite a bit of time to get packaged and off to their new homes. It was a bit overwhelming and I am doing my best to manage demand and how quickly I can cover that demand. Though thank you! Demand is not a bad thing. ;) Maggie is covering the inbox this week, so if you want a confirmation on the date your deck is shipping please feel free to drop us a note and she can look it up for you.