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Privacy Policy Update

An Attic Shoppe Trading Co. program notice: We’ve updated our privacy policy. It can be found here. We’re also going to sell directly through for awhile so we can accomodate international sales (hopefully) without issue. We’ve also begun work on the crowdfunding campaign for the Oracles and Flutter-Byes deck project! Busy and lovely times as we fall into the Hell’s oven phase of summer. :p

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Happy Belated 4th!

Myke & Bethalynne  Bajema Amend

Well it’s official! After a twenty year friendship and the ten years of that time spent engaged, the gent and I finally made it official. This is the two of us being wed by our good friend Ted. My big brother’s new wife (and my new beloved big sister) Sara acted as my witness and maid of honor. We didn’t plan a thing and just went with it. And it ended up turning out perfect. We married on the 4th of July and headed back home, stopping half way in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Our hotel room overlooked the Tincaps’ baseball field. We could watch and listen to the game from our room and see nearly every fireworks show across the town from our view. It was a really good day and evening.

Now I’m back home and getting back to shoppe mode. Part of that is going to be some fundraising. While we were back at my aunt’s house (the original Attic Shoppe as I like to say) we started the process of finishing off the house painting. It went much quicker this time, but then we didn’t need to scrap and prime the entire house this time around, just give it color. We found an insect issue with the wood though. The plumbing is also in need of some serious repair and replacement. The furnace was replaced when it went out over the winter and the electric reworked to accommodate it, but now those loans are needing to be paid off quickly so we don’t slip into the doubled interest phase. You know, normal house owning woes for someone retired and living off a fixed income.

So you might ask, what has that to do with my shoppe or you? Well this is the only place for me to earn the funds to help my aunt out. This means I will be running a variety of special sales to raise some funds. A lot of this will involve the Isidore Tarot as it is wonderfully versatile and popular. So look for one more sale of the Sea and Sand Spring Edition of the deck. A few custom versions of the deck I will be offering to help with house funds. And lastly the start of a pre-order sale for an autumn take on the deck. I will also start rolling out Halloween items I’ve been working on. So basically it’s just more shoppe stuff, but more of it because I have a goal.

Today, however, I’m getting caught up on the shoppe’s inbox. Maggie is still off on vacation, so I will be working solo. Hopefully I can get everyone caught up in a day or two. And with the exception of a recent doll size tarot sale, I’ve got my shipping up to date so no one should be waiting on anything. If you are, give me a poke so I can check with the post office. I want to thank many of you so much for sending me your warm wishes for my wedding, as well as helping promote my wee shoppe just by sharing photos of your decks. It means a lot to me. The lad sends his thank yous too. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July if you celebrate it (or just like an excuse to set fireworks off.) And with that, I poof back into the attic to get back to the business of the day! :)

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Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and who will be her lover.

There are fireflies outside of my window! One of the perks of a summer day falling deeper into dusk. And now, shoppe notes: My gent and I will be getting married on the fourth of July. It was a sort of spur of the moment idea. Our friends Kate (you know her, my Orange Moon Tea Society best tea mate) and her husband Ted will be marrying us in a simple ceremony. We’ve been engaged for nearly ten years and dreading actually planning a wedding that entire time. It’s time. So! From Sat the 30th through to the following weekend the shoppe will be on temporary hiatus. I packaged up all the last regular deck orders tonight and the current doll decks will go out tomorrow. The Attic inbox might have some crickets during that time. The actual chain of events is spending this hot weekend putting the final paint job on my aunt Mira’s house, somewhere in there spending time with my new big sis and nieces while Myke gets to do guy stuff with my brother (our bachelor/ette shindigs), find something to wear for the ceremony! And then enjoying fireworks in a different city just us two. Once we’re back we’ll be trying to get in as much honeymoon stuff as possible. When back in the shoppe though, I’m planning our next big deck release — those following me on instagram or stopping by my card blog will have seen previews. I will also be putting up a formal schedule for deck sale times. I hope all of you are enjoying this summer, as hot as it may be. And I will be back the Monday after next an honest woman! Still witchy and weird, but legal! :)

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And Over at Attic Cartomancy

Alright, I’ve finally jumped into the oracle pool feet first. I should have plugged my nose! I think I have purple water on the brain. That aside, I’ve been finishing up on my second oracle deck. It’s expanded a bit, developed a deeper personality and meaning, and its whispers are getting a little louder. That’s how it starts for me typically. This deck is a chatterer. It’s telling me stories about who my oracles are and what I might find them to be. I updated the info on its page found here.
Oracles and Flutter Byes - The Orange Moon Oracle

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Tuesday with Death

The Attic Shoppe on the Weekend

Don’t get excited, we’re not carrying really cool Pop critters. This is just a snapshot of my weekend with the gent after our trek to Trader’s World in Lebanon Ohio. That place is so bizarre as far as massive flea market under one roof go. We always try to vend there towards autumn when our convention season slows down. Of course, I didn’t schedule too many cons this year as I didn’t know if I’d be up to it when nabbing table time was happening last year. We were doing the Steampunk World’s Fair this year but that went bust. Anyhoo! We brought home Kyle, Death, and Zero. I was simply gushing when we ran into Death. How often does one get to say that happily?

Just a few notes about stuffs. Mostly social stuff. I took a break from the workshop this afternoon and have been connecting all of our social media accounts and getting them updated. I’ve slacked on that a bit due at first to the state of my noggin (I was on a very limited diet of electronic screens when my eye and head owwies were healing) and then my rather old phone. I think I bought my tiny Virgin Mobile phone in 2010. My gent helped get me back into the modern age so now my swanky phone has all the bells and whistles. Took a little while. It gets expensive when you fall down go boom with the state of US medical billing. Clawing out of the red one nail at a time.

Anyhoo! (Yes. I like that not real word.) I’ve updated all of our accounts and got them linked to one another and got excited to do this thing that is social networking! Then I noticed how miserably small our follows are. So I’d love if any of our visitors who are reading this and wouldn’t mind might give us a follow? We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. A lot of our links go to my personal accounts since I posted most frequently to them about shoppe stuff. We’re looking to be a bit more professional. Any follows would be greatly appreciated. And I think we’ll do so more free giveaways to promote again once I get back from Michigan. Alright, back to work. Have a good day and try to stay cool! We’re failing here, as shown by Gremlin… he’s just done.

Gremlin But

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Isidore Doll Size Tarot Back

Our doll size Isidore Tarot deck is available again. This is an open edition and given that I have them on hand I’m not making it a timed sale. There will be a slight pause in shipping orders for the week of the fourth of July. I will be back in Michigan to check on family, finish the last round of painting on the original attic house (my aunt Mira’s home), and attend a wedding… my own. My gent and I have known each other 20 years and been an engaged couple for half of that. I’ve referred to him as my husband forever. Now we’re making it legal in a small ceremony. Maggie will be covering the mailbox while I’m off. On that note, now that the doll deck is available, time to go give some love to my cartomancy blog that has been missing me. Have a good weekend everyone! :)

The Isidore Doll Size Tarot is back! In a variety of ordering options. :) Click for details.
The Isidore Tarot Doll Size Deck

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Quick Update on Sales Shipping

This is just a quick update on deck shipping for our last two sales: The last Isidore Sea and Sand deck goes into the post bound for its overseas home tomorrow. If anyone who has bought the Sea and Sand special spring edition is still waiting on theirs please contact us directly through your order receipt email. We’ll check on tracking and make sure it didn’t accidentally get over looked. We’ve been putting together a rather high volume of orders on packaging days and there is always room for human error. But all errors can be fixed!

Our Sepia Stains decks are on route with additional Black Ibis decks. They should have arrived by now but our printer has been having some delivery issues between them and the Midwest. Packages are already pulled together for orders. When the decks get here they’re ready for the mail. We were able to order more of the Isidore third edition before the end of the sale, so we’ll start shipping those decks as well. Speaking of Isidore, Beth is back up and running on nearly full steam again so she’s currently finishing up the sale elements for the doll deck.

We’ve been replying to inquiries through our contact form and not everyone has been replying. So just to note again: Inquiries through our contact form will be replied to from webmistress at email address. Remember to check your spam folder if you’ve written us and note heard back yet. Our reply might be in there. Hope you’re all having a good day!

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Shoppe Perks

Shoppe perks–Having the Gremlin But come keep me company as I work on the attic laptop. I could have gotten myself settled at the desk or up in the work room where the cats aren’t allowed. But then I wouldn’t get all the purring snores from this cuddle bug. So it was the couch. It helps that I was able to watch Orange is the New Black while I battled with wordpress.

Gremlin But

Gremlin But
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June Update

Welcome June! It already feels like August. Well it does here. I’m putting on the title of Attic Ghost for a little bit. As you know our Isidore third edition is available for pre-order at the moment. Grab one while you can! And by popular request I’ve added Tea Bat art prints to our art page today. Links to ordering options are below. I’m helping out with orders this week. We’ve started on the Sepia Stains orders. I print out labels as I’m packaging to keep things organized. There may be a little catch-up time between receiving your tracking notice and when your stuff goes into the mail. I’m not quite as speedy as our shoppe-keep, but I’m learning fast! – :) Attic Ghost Maggie

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Last update for May

Just a quick update. I’m nearing the end of getting orders for The Black Ibis Tarot and extended-sale-bought Sea and Sand Isidore decks into the post. I had a slight hiccup when we discovered my Sea & Sand book order was short by four books. Instead of delaying shipping, I included a book with the third edition cover with a note that I’ll be shipping out the Sea & Sand covered book when they arrive, which should be tomorrow if UPS isn’t fibbing me. The Sepia Stains Tarot sale ends tomorrow. Orders for that will begin shipping within a week or so. The third edition of the Isidore Tarot is on sale again through the 14th of June.

With the exception of a quick sale for the doll size tarot (which I’ve yet to have enough time to get online – I apologize) the shoppe will be taking a brief break on deck sales. I have to return to Michigan again in a few weeks and I want to have a little downtime to make sure all orders have been filled and check tracking on shipped orders to make sure they reached their new homes. Home trips that are all go go go with the family are so much easier when I’m not worried about the shoppe.

Lastly, the response to our Orange Moon Oracle deck has been really wonderful. I had mini prints for sale at our last few outings and they sold out. I credit most of that to Mucha and his beautiful work. The art collages for the deck are done. Much of the meanings and usage for the oracle has been written. Maggie and I are refining those meanings and how the deck would be used. Right now it’s mostly a deck for meditation. That aside, come July if I feel comfortable with the state of the deck and I’m able to get all my family matters in Michigan sorted out, we may take the plunge and do a proper crowdfunding campaign over summer. I’m not sure about that yet. There is so much work that goes into just being a mostly lone shoppe-keep trying to keep up with normal daily business. Those big campaigns can get insanely overwhelming between all the planning and promotion. I’m going to see who I can call upon to help me out with it. So more about that later, though I blog about it more here.

Anyhoo! Now I am off to have a date with my new glasses. Turns out when you drop yourself on your head, even after you think all the healing is done, some new body gremlin pops up and starts gnawing on something while singing old Bryan Adams tunes. In my case it’s the come and go headaches, the in and out decent vision, and I could seriously be rude to a puppy when I get any sinus issues behind the place in my face that holds all my brand new shiny orbital parts. Seriously rude! Like I’ll turn on that little puppy and tell it is totally not cute. I didn’t realize just how real that could be till the sunny afternoon I was standing outside watching a snow storm of blowing dandelion bits rushing my way. You’ve never heard someone scream “GIIIIIITTTT TTOOOOO THAAAAA CARRRRR!” as loud as I did. Life is always interesting. Always. I hope you’re all having a good summer. Maggie says hi. She’s officially on vacation for a week so no inbox for her.

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Packages and Whatnot

Today is packaging day. Sea and sand decks as well as the last of the Black Ibis decks are being prepared for their travels. Look for tracking notices from our paypal account if you’re waiting on something. Please note that my cable provider is updating the fiberoptics (is that the right word?) in my neighborhood this week so net service is in and out for the moment. Maggie will be attending to the inbox later today. If you need to contact me directly please feel free to poke me through our FB page or my instagram, I have both on my phone. Now I’m back to the packing room. Have a lovely day!

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Home From Michigan

I had to jump a bus to go back to Michigan last weekend. The last time I was about to do this I had my accident five hours before my bus left. So I was a tad worried making another attempt, given how neurotic I can be. I’m home again and settling back into normal day to day shoppe life.

With that said, I have a couple packages that were returned waiting for me at the post office today. Domestic and one international. I am printing fresh labels and getting them back into the post. Email messages will be sent with new tracking info. I have a doc appt. awaiting me in 30 minutes and after I will be back home and going through our inbox and all the notes Maggie left for me. 😊

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International Sales Updates

05-08-2018 NEW STUFF: The new stuff for this update basically refers to shoppe policies we’ve had to start changing now that we’re better aware of the GDPR rules for European Union privacy/shipping and how it affects us and our beyond USA customers:

I need to stress that the only reason I say we when referring to this shoppe is because I have one other person besides myself (Bethalynne) helping out. Otherwise –to be perfectly honest– I am one creator, order filler, do all, around here now that I am in Ohio. I’m blessed to have Maggie helping me with the inbox. It ebbs and flows in waves, but sometimes my site is hyper popular and at other times more quiet. Yet always for sales BUSY. And after a few MUCH younger years of not fully understanding better business practice or having the help of well experienced business folk to council me, I’m doing my best to run and manage my shoppe as I can with nothing more than my customers’ needs as my priority. With that said, I finally opened my shoppe back up to international sales roughly a year ago. If someone wants a deck or creation of mine, yes! I do too! The new (though not actually new, but I’m better aware of them now) GDPR rules are setting new guidelines for me to do so.

My husband, who is often known as my gent, is a professional IT person who has been helping his company’s clients understand these new rules/standards and making sure they are compliant. During that process he’s been educating me. And in doing so I realized my wee shoppe is still needing some updating. So that is what I am currently working on, making sure I can serve my potential customers anywhere and be legal and –more than that– not annoying. I have a coupon list that is pretty easy going “add your email for deals!” type of thing. And because I really hate being added to mailing lists just because I do something (even ordering) from a site and getting spammed, I don’t automatically add any email to my current mailing list. I only do so through the “enter your email for stuffs” that you can add an email to or from requests through our contact form. What I’m doing now is making it more formal with opt-in and opt-out options through a paid service.

My whole desire here is to make my wee shoppe as professional and positive as possible while being a –basically– one person entity. I appreciate my current and potentially future customers for understanding my steps to go with our growing pains. I always look at things like this: When I buy from someone, anyone, I like those lil moments of thoughtfulness. When I fill an order it’s ME who does it. I put it together, add a few lil things to try and make it special, and offer a sincere thank-you note. Sometimes I have to turn to the gent or Maggie to make sure things get to the post office. Everyone who has purchased from me or supported me, even the occasional annoyed at me persons, you help educate me better in being a proper shoppe-keep. It means a lot. So I do apologize that after May 25th (even removed as of today) with international orders, it’ll only be a hiccup while I educate myself on how to do things proper. I have been very blessed by the people who come here and give my special things new homes. This minor re-jiggering of things is just to keep up with that standard. Thank you so much for understanding!

And well… since I’ve been on a bus for the better part of a day. The quick and short: For the moment International Orders are on hold until we comply with GDPR needs before May 25th. It’s temporary. We’ll get back to international ordering soon! And since I’m now home, my aunt Mirabai (my former day to day helper) sends her warmest greetings. :)

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Back to the Original Attic

Heading back to aunt Mirabai’s original Attic Shoppe; that would be our Michigan home. I’ll be on the bus for most of the day going and returning, though in-between I will be online as usual. Maggie is covering the inbox and my gent is putting my last packed orders into the post on Monday. The Isidore Tarot third edition will be available again this coming week, as will the doll size version. More to come. :)

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Happy May Day to You!

We’re home from our convention and getting back into shoppe mode. The Sea and Sand Isidore Tarot and The Black Ibis Tarot sales are approaching their conclusion. So nab one while you can. The Black Ibis Tarot won’t be available again until September. The Sepia Stains Tarot sale has just begun. It will be available for pre-ordering throughout May with estimated shipping mid June. And for our mailing list peeps we have something special to celebrate May the 4th (be with you.)

Now on sale through May. Purchase with full packaging or just the deck and book.
The Sepia Stains Tarot Deck

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We’re off to see a man about some steam

Just a few quick notes. We’re off to our convention and won’t be back until Monday. Maggie has been manning the inbox for me, but she’ll be away this weekend as well so we may not respond to emails until Monday. I apologize for the inconvenience. I have a handful of international orders from the last sale still waiting to be shipped. There were a few instances where my international shipping cost reference was quite off on the price of shipping. I’m making up for the difference in shipping collected and what is actually needed and that is slowing me down a pinch as I find funds to cover it. My massive apologizes for the delay there. Maggie had been emailing those this delay effects. It shouldn’t be an issue when we return from the con. Conventions are very good at helping lil shoppe’s like this get resources back up again. And with that we’re off! Check out of blog for weekend highlights, that is, if my phone cooperates with me. I can be technically challenged at times. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

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A few more Sea and Sand Isidore Decks

04.16.2018: Happy Tax Day! I wish I had remembered that when I trekked out today to put this weekend’s packages in the mail. And we had such lovely arctic spring weather for the long walk to actually get near the silly place. That aside! I’m down to my last 14 orders that I’m packaging up tonight. Most of these are international because the packaging part is a little different to try and keep shipping costs down and of course the customs forms. But I’m moving right along with that.

In related news, after tending the inbox for me and taking requests, Maggie has suggested we put the Sea and Sands decks up for a little longer. I agree. We have a special display for the decks at our first convention at the end of the month, so why not offer a few more leading up to that? Shipping times for these decks will be one to two weeks as we have them on hand. If you’re in the midwest and attending the Cincinnati Steampunk Symposium the last weekend of the month you can avoid postage costs and order one to pick up at the con. Just contact us to order and get pick-up details.

Pick up just the Isidore Sea and Sand Deck with Book | Purchase Isidore Sea And Sand Full Packaging
The Isidore Tarot Sea and Sand Spring Edition