Hobby Time

So you know that old nursery rhyme about along came a spider that sat down beside that one chick? Yeah, that was me last week. I think I whined about it on my regular blog (on my little old portfolio site) at some point. I woke up with insect bites and the only ones I react to are a variety of different spiders. At first it was a very boring old bite scenario, with me giving the two bumps on my arm the stink-eye. As the day progressed these bumps grew red, then hot, and then a substance I can only compare to the devil’s drool started to come out of them. Sorry, that was an icky visual! I was going to keep them clean and just watch and wait. I started to worry about it a bit when my muscles started to hurt pretty bad. When my gent got home from work he took one look at the hot mess that was my arm and dumped me in the Escape and drove me to Urgent Care. Turns out I had a pretty nasty infection. My gent told people “Beth got bit by a spider or house centipede that didn’t brush its teeth” which honestly gives me the willies whenever he joked. I came home with a variety of antibiotics. What can I say about that? One of these pills smells like getting a dutch oven from a moldy loaf of bread. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Bleh.

On the bright side, if there is any bright side, some of the ickiness the meds have caused me has prompted me to get off the computer more and just take a moment to breath. I don’t honestly do that much. One of my favorite non-computer things has been doll making. I’m kind of all over the place with it as I’m just winging it, but so far they’ve sold really well at our art/craft shows. I posted about that earlier. That’s neither here nor there for this post. What I really love is the organizing of my doll making supplies. The ladies at the dollar store always love me when I come in and terrorize their flower racks. The women at the fabric store give me the stink-eye when I bring up my twenty bolts that I want a fourth of a yard of. This is my spread for the day as I take some time off from the interwebs. Thankfully the bites are healing, but the meds are still making a bit sick at times. Only four days to go!