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Movie Reviews: It Follows

I hadn’t read any reviews for this movie but somehow there was a general knowledge of it as I was flipping channels. The peoples of the house are asleep, the cats are so jaded spooking them is no longer a thing and I at least know how to control the Netflix channel. So perhaps I channeled it through the aetherwebs but somehow I ended up turning on It Follows. There might be a spoiler or two so read the rest of this review beyond the bump. Continue reading Movie Reviews: It Follows
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Movie Reviews: The Awakening

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The Awakening suffers from having one of the more non-eye-grabbing movie covers. I can’t tell you how many times we ticked right by this one as we moved through Netflix and never gave it a second glance. However, it deals with the Victorian era, Spiritualism, actual ghosts, and features some actors I enjoy in my films so I was glad we finally gave the description a glance. It starts out with a wonderfully dark and gothic seance and changes gears in the sound of curtains being pulled away to let the light back in. Be warned there may be spoilers beyond the bump. Continue reading Movie Reviews: The Awakening