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Remember that Halloween Tarot?

It’s been quietly sitting on the back-burner for awhile now, but I have been making additions to our Halloween tarot deck’s minor arcana as time permits. A card here, a card there. Now it’s time to start showing them off a little each week to lead up to the Halloween season when it will be available again. You can visit my Attic Cartomancy page for this deck to keep an eye on its progress.
Madam Lydia Wilhelmina’s Tarot of Monsters, the Macabre and Autumn Scenes

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The Isidore Tarot In Stock for the Moment

I have Isidore decks available again but only in a limited number. When this printing sells out I’m not sure when I’ll be able to order them again, but I’m working on that. You can grab an Isidore Tarot deck with full packaging here. For those who’d like just the deck you can pick that up here, there is also the option to add a book. These are available until I’ve sold out. And as mentioned in the previous post: These decks will come with my version of the Happy Squirrel card for tarot fans who collect decks with those. I’ve also listed them (at that link) for anyone who already has the deck and would like to add it to their deck. :)

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Oh Noes! Happy Squirrelthulhu!

Happy Squirrelthulhu from the Isidore Tarot

So as I mentioned in my previous shoppe update there is an add-on card for The Isidore Tarot. I included it in the doll-size version of the deck (pictured here) and showed it off at my last convention and everyone loved it. I hadn’t included it originally because I didn’t have the space. I mentioned to a few people that I was planning to include it with the third edition of the deck that I will eventually publish. A few of my existing Isidore deck owners cried foul so I made a promise to make it available for anyone who’d like to add it to their deck.

So here it is! Since there are two editions of the deck I’ve made sure to order cards that have both card backs. These are being printed through the same printer whose cardstock and printing are pretty uniform. I’ve never had any decks that felt different than the others and the size is also uniform so this card should fit right into an existing deck. Below are options for each deck back. Select the one that matches your deck. Cards are a whooping $2 to cover the card, envelope, and stamps. Cards are printing and will be available to ship in two weeks. As for the card going into the deck, it will be available in every deck for the third edition and I will be including one in any second edition orders before then. Please note that the very first decks (the square cards on lighter paper printed through my original printer) I made before giving them a proper edition number I can’t make cards for. It would be nearly impossible to match the cardstock used back then. I’m sorry about that!

First Edition Card Back
The Attic Cartomancy - The Happy Squirrelthulhu Card for the Isidore Tarot

Second Edition Card Back
The Attic Cartomancy - The Happy Squirrelthulhu Card for the Isidore Tarot

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The Mad Hatter’s most favorite Lenormand deck

The Tea Bat Lenormand Deck

It started off with a Mad Hatter poem and eventually grew into a beautifully vintage looking Lenormand deck that is all about tea and bats, bats and tea. The Tea Bats Lenormand deck was created by Bethalynne for her Orange Moon Tea Society project. The Attic Shoppe is offering this week on sale. So go have a look!

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Happy Friday the 13th!

So here at the Attic Shoppe we are all black cats (well two, Evilyn and Mau-lificent) and walking under ladders today. We’re also busy putting up sales to celebrate the day. Our first sale is on our tarot decks. We’ve got all of our decks available for 10% off until the clock strikes midnight. Past the bump you can see all of our regular and special decks that are available. Decks are limited so get yours while you can. More sales to come! Continue reading Happy Friday the 13th!

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Motor City Steam Deck of Cards


Bethalynne’s current project is making a special event deck of playing cards for the upcoming inaugural weekend for The Motor City Steam Con happening just outside of Detroit. The deck features steampunk and elegant neo-Victorian themes and each suit has its own style and color scheme. The face cards in the deck will feature portraits of characters from our tri-state steampunk community. We’ve added a page for the project in our special decks section here so you can see the deck as it progresses. Or you can get a quick sneak peek of the deck’s Aces behind the bump. Continue reading Motor City Steam Deck of Cards